2015 NYBA Annual Meeting

The Northwest Yacht Brokers Association (NYBA) is a nonprofit marine trade group founded in 1988 consisting of hundreds of marine brokers, dealers and industry related professionals. Representing the highest professional standards in the recreational boating industry, NYBA members are committed to ensuring fair and honest business practices when buying and selling a boat.

NYBA is the producer of the September Boats Afloat Show on South Lake Union and a proud partner of the Seattle Boat Show in January. Whether you're exploring boat ownership for the first time or you are a seasoned captain, our goal is to connect people with the unparalleled Pacific Northwest cruising waters. Because life is better on a boat!


Local Cruising Guides Updated — Salish Sea Pilot has just released its 2015 Gulf Islands, San Juan Islands and Desolation Sound cruising guides. The guides are completely rebuilt and will soon be followed by guides to Puget Sound and the Sunshine Coast. Full story »

At the Helm: Industry outreach pays dividends — Watching what's going on with the government – especially at the Federal level – can often be an agonizingly slow affair. I've often heard comments about how our industry issues never get addressed, so why get involved in efforts like the American Boating Congress. Full story »

The unbearable loudness of boating — Springtime. When the seagulls soar overhead, eyeballing scraps from fish boats and the terns begin squawking at 6 AM like prehistoric birds--hence our gate's nickname "Jurassic Dock." It's also the time of year in our sweet little marina when we awake to the sound of bow thrusters and engines in full reverse--the morning stillness broken by shouting couples screaming directions--or arguing about directions not clearly given. Yes indeed, it is boating season. Full story »

Yacht ownership, charter operations and federal tax matters — For some, the allure of tropical breezes, calm waters and retirement aboard a beautiful new yacht travelling the world seems satisfying. For others, the slow boat to nowhere may not be enough, and to offset the restless pursuit of tranquility (and, frankly, expenses), a charter strategy is introduced to yacht ownership and operations. Full story »

U.S. brokerage sales improve in February — The U.S. brokerage market made a gain in February, with 1,652 boats sold, up almost 100 boats from January's slow start to the year, and a 3 percent increase over February 2014 volume. According to YachtWorld member brokerages reporting in, the total value of boats sold was $209 million, a 1 percent increase compared to the previous February. Full story »

Roche Harbor built on limestone — Many folks interested in regional history have written about the limestone at the hideaway of Roche Harbor, on San Juan Island, WA. Here is Day 72 from June Burn's 100 Days in the San Juans that she wrote on contract with the Seattle P-I in 1946, as she and Farrar sailed their little San Juanderer through the archipelago. Full story »

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