Northwest Yacht Brokers Association

Northwest Yacht Brokers Association

Northwest Yacht Brokers Association (NYBA) is a non-profit organization formed in 1988 as an answer to the changing markets of boat brokers, dealers and other industry professionals. The association was founded to protect the health of the marine industry and to create guidelines and ethical standards on which to business. NYBA’s principle role is to assist its member yacht brokers, dealers and affiliate members connect with boat buyers and sellers.

NYBA has been producing the Boats Afloat Show since 1978. Currently, the largest floating boat show on the West Coast, the show resides on the south end of Lake Union at Chandlers Cove.

Mission Statement

NYBA is a non-profit marine trade group founded in 1988 consisting of hundreds of boat brokers, dealers and other industry related professionals in the Pacific Northwest. Subscribing to the strictest code of ethics, NYBA members are committed to bringing integrity and professionalism to the buying and selling process of new and previously owned pleasure craft.

NYBA plays an active role in marine youth and education programs and encourages a greater interest in the welfare and safety of the boating public and environment.

Promote relationships with peer organizations

There are many marine related organizations and associations protecting the interests of boaters across the nation. We are proud partners and members of many of the largest interest groups in the state.

NYBA Alliance Partners:

Northwest Marine Trade Association, Yacht Brokers Association of America, National Marine Manufacturers Association, Certified Professional Yacht Brokers, Florida Yacht Brokers Association, California Yacht Brokers Association, British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association, Ontario Yacht Brokers Association, National Association of Marine Surveyors.