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Grow Boating Committee

The Grow Boating Committee promotes the boating lifestyle and improves the boating experience to increase participation in boating to ultimately increase sales of marine products and services. The committee’s goal is to get people out on the water, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, to educate them about boats and boating and to introduce them to the joy of owning and operating a boat.

The Northwest Yacht Brokers Association is proud to offer our support of local organizations that spread the mission of Grow Boating. If your organization would like to apply for a 2020 NYBA Grow Boating Grant to further your program’s impact, please apply by downloading the application here »

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Katie Decker
NYBA Staff
Northwest Yacht Brokers Asssociation
(206) 748-0012
Dan Krier
Committee Chair
Marine Servicenter
phone: (206) 323-2405

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs committee promotes the growth, development and health of the marine industry through effective communication with our elected officials, development of strategic partnerships and direct lobbying efforts. The committee will proactively work on the identified legislative priorities of the Association and will serve as the Association’s central source of contact with public policy makers, community leaders and coalitions.

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Kurt Kingman
Committee Chair
NW Yachtnet
phone: (360) 791-5333
Jim Hedrick
H2 Government Relations
phone: (360) 789-4700

Ethics Committee

The ethics committee is responsible for upholding and maintaining ethical business practices amongst NYBA members. The committee hears disputes between members, complaints against brokers from the boat buying public and recommends solutions when possible. The committee is there to assist in setting up bind- ing arbitration procedures when appropriate. The chair reports directly to the Board of directors.

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Art Kaplan
LaConner Yacht Sales
phone: (360) 466-3300
Paul Groesbeck
Irwin Yacht Sales
phone: (425) 829-3551

Boat Show Committee

The Boat Show Committee meets once a month to help plan and oversee the production of the Boats Afloat Show in September and the Seattle Boat Show on South Lake Union in January. The committee makes recommendations regarding dates, exhibitor rates, promotions, advertising and budgets to the Board of Directors.

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Ben Johnson
Committee Chair
Hampton Yacht Group
phone: 206-632-5200

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