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Keeping your boat afloat — Three decades ago, Max Fletcher, then in his 20s, was getting ready to captain a Westsail 32 from New Zealand back to the East Coast of the United States by way of the Southern Ocean and Cape Horn. He happened to meet up with sailing legend Eric Hiscock who had completed three circumnavigations of the globe with his wife Susan, the first in the early 1950s. When Fletcher asked for advice about his upcoming voyage, Hiscock replied, “Keep the water out!”

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Three key factors that determine business and sales success — The following three factors are critical to success in business and sales and if you have these in place, your success is virtually guaranteed: Mindset; Skillset; Activity level.

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U.S. brokerage sales gain strength in October — The U.S. market for brokerage boats improved in October, notably in sales of boats longer than 36 feet; the segment grew 10 percent compared to October 2013, with 829 boats sold. Including all smaller boats, a total of 2,304 boats were sold in October, which was 1 percent below the previous year, according to YachtWorld member brokers reporting in

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